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Dr. Williams is licensed as a psychologist with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia, Canada (CPBC Registration Number 911). He is also a member of the Canadian Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association, a Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute, and a registrant of the Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists.


Dr. Williams has provided psychological consultation to numerous individuals, organizations and government agencies as well as to law firms, defense and prosecuting attorneys. One component of Dr. Williams' private practice has been to serve as a psychological consultant to the Correctional Service of Canada, the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, the Canadian Department of Justice, and WorkSafeBC (WCB). Qualified many times as an expert witness in clinical and forensic psychology at all levels of court in the province of British Columbia and in the Yukon Territory, he has testified on matters as divergent as first degree murder, criminal responsibility and dangerous offender designation. His clinical opinion has been quoted and cited as a determinant in the Supreme Court of Canada


At the Justice Institute of British Columbia and elsewhere Dr. Williams has provided training to probation and parole officers, program officers, psychologists, police, and others in the use of the Static-99R, Stable-2007, and the Acute-2007 specialized risk assessment methods.


In addition, for several years Dr. Williams has conducted disability psychological assessments on behalf of attorneys and agencies such as WorkSafeBC. Also, he is proud to serve as the president of, and principal psychological consultant to, the Intell Behavioural Group Inc. (IBG), an organization that is dedicated to the provision of specialized screening of applicants for various high-risk occupations and other positions.


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1986 to Present

President, Dr. Karl M. Williams, Inc.: Private Practice, Clinical and Consulting Psychology with forensic focus, Vancouver, BC.


2010 to Present

President, Intell Behavioural Group Inc.: Screening of applicants for high-risk occupations, Vancouver, BC.


Clinical Experience:

Psychological assessment and treatment services to adults, adolescents, children and families.

Psycho-diagnostic evaluations.

Custodial and community forensic psychological services.

Consultation to provincial, territorial and federal governments.

Provincial, Territorial, Supreme and Appeals Court services: For the Crown and Defense: Assessment; expert testimony; fitness; criminal responsibility; For the Crown: Long-term offender, Dangerous offender, Section 810 Recognizance opinion/testimony.

Review Board Services: Assessment; testimony.

Immigration Appeals Division services: Expert testimony; assessment.

Supervision of Psychology Interns.

Supervision of Graduate Practicum Psychology Students, Psychological Assistants, and Registered Clinical Counselors.

Training probation officers, program officers, police, psychologists, and other

professionals in the assessment of sexual and violent recidivistic risk.


List of Agencies Provided Consultative Services:

•  BC Ministry of Solicitor General/ Attorney General – over 20 years of consultation including:

- Vancouver Region Psychology Services Program.

- Fraser Region Psychology Services Program.

- Vancouver Probation Offices.

- Surrey, White Rock and Langley Probation Offices.

- Prince Rupert, Terrace, Hazelton, Kitimat and Massett Probation Offices.

- Lower Mainland Regional Correctional Centre.

- Vancouver Pretrial Services Centre.

- Centre Creek Youth Containment Centre.

- Terrace Correctional Centre.

- Prince George Youth Containment Centre.

- Coordinated High Risk Offender Management Program.


•  Consultative services provided to other organizations:

- BC Ministry of Children and Family Development.

- Correctional Service of Canada (Pacific Region).

- Department of Justice, Yukon.

- Health and Social Services, Yukon (High Risk Youth Program).

- Yukon Review Board.

- Justice Institute of British Columbia.

- Solicitor General of Canada (Parole and Ambulatory Psychological Services).

- Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

- Workers’ Compensation Board of BC (WorkSafeBC).

- Simon Fraser University (Clinical Associate, Department of Psychology).


Education & Training:

Fellow. American College of Forensic Examiners Institute, 2011.

Certified Trainer for Static-99, Stable-2000/2007 and Acute-2000/2007 risk assessment measures, 2004.

Diplomate-Fellowship in Psychopharmacology, International College of Prescribing Psychologists, 1997.

Diplomate. American College of Forensic Examiners, 1996.

Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) University of British Columbia, 1986.

M.A. (Clinical Psychology) University of British Columbia, 1984.

B.Sc. (Psychology, With Distinction) University of Calgary, 1981.

Psychology Residency. Psychology and Law Institute, 1984-1986.

Clinical Training Placements. UBC and Vancouver Hospitals, Vancouver, BC, 1983-1984.

Student Internship/Training. VGH and Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC, 1982.



•  Society for Risk Analysis, 2010-Present.

•  American College of Forensic Examiners, 1996-Present.

•  International College of Prescribing Psychologists, 1995-2007.

•  Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists 1990-Present.

•  Board of Oral Examiners, College of Psychologists of B.C., 1988-1996.

•  Continuing Education Committee, College of Psychologists of B.C., 1987-1988.

•  Psychology and Law Institute, 1987-1999.

•  College of Psychologists of British Columbia (Reg. No. 911), 1987-Present.

•  Canadian Psychological Association, 1987-Present.

•  American Psychological Association, 1987-Present.



Relevant Publications & Presented Papers & Workshops

•  Williams, K.M. Sex Offender Need Assessment Rating. (2004-Present). A series of 2-and 3- day training workshops for law enforcement and probation officers, psychologists, and others presented at the Justice Institute of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC and at other national and international venues.


•  Dyson, K., Hanna, P.A., Heywood-Farmer, M., Fochuk, B., & Williams, K.M. (2012). Youth High Risk Treatment Program: Literature Review, Environmental Scan, and

Recommendations for Violent Youth Offenders. Formal report.


•  Sahlstrom, K., Hanna, P.A., & Williams, K.M. (2011). Youth Sex Offender Treatment Program/Youth High Risk Treatment Program: Development of a Post-Evaluation Plan and Implementation of Follow-Up. Formal report.


•  Ward, J., Hanna, P.A., & Williams, K.M. (2010). Yukon Youth Sex Offender Treatment Program Outcomes and Outputs Evaluation 1994-2009. Formal report.


•  Williams, K.M., Iacono, W.G., & Remick, R.A. (1984, October). Electrodermal activity in depression. Paper presentation, Society for Psychophysiological Research.


•  Williams, K.M., Iacono, W.G. & Remick, R.A. (1985). Electrodermal activity among subtypes of depression. Biological Psychiatry, 20, 158-162.


•  Williams, K.M. Working with sexual offenders (1987-88). Invited workshops, Justice Institute of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.


•  Williams, K.M., Iacono, W.G., Remick, R.A., & Greenwood, P. (1990). Dichotic perception and memory following electroconvulsive treatment for depression. British Journal of Psychiatry, 157, 366-372.


•  Williams, K.M. Normal and abnormal behaviour in correctional settings (1987-1990). A series of invited workshops, Justice Institute of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.


•  Williams, K.M. (1995). A prescription for psychology. The Canadian Practitioner, 16, 8-9.


•  Williams, K.M. (2003). Two techniques for assessment of sexual interest: A discussion of the clinical utility of penile plethysmography and visual reaction time. The Forensic Examiner, 12, 35-39.


What others are saying:


“For over 15 years we have been very fortunate to have been able to retain Dr. Williams’ services to provide psychological consultation to our program. We have found his expertise, assessments and reports to have been invaluable to us in the management and treatment of our clients.”


Catherine Deacon, BSW


Yukon Youth High Risk Treatment Program

Whitehorse, YT

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